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Review #1

"I write to thank you for my octogenarian husband’s dentures which you made for him over three years ago.

Before he was referred to you, he had been wearing different sets of dentures for 50 years most of which had given him problems, minor and not-so minor. He had experienced having to take off his dentures to rest his aching gums. He also had experienced coughing out his too-loose denture when he sneezed. Oftentimes, he had to rinse his dentures during meals. Needless to say, he did not enjoy food as he should have.

Then he came to see you at Platinum Denture Clinic. It was the wisest decision he had made. With his new set of dentures fashioned by you, he began smiling more readily. At the same time, food has become more delectable. Remarkably, he never has to take off his dentures to rest his gums. They are not only beautiful but they fit perfectly. He eats, speaks and laughs with more confidence! I often show off his dentures to friends and relatives and have even mentioned the good fit and beauty of them on Facebook.

During our many visits to your office, for consultation, fitting, re-fitting, check-up, etc., I have been most impressed by your patience, politeness, professionalism and, moreover, that touch of old-fashioned caring which is rare nowadays! I commend you for that!

True to your mission, the dentures you created for my husband are more than a custom-made standard denture. They are a piece of art!
Again, I thank you!"

Dr. Gloria Tang

Review #2

"I recently had top and bottom bridges made at Platinum Denture Clinic and I must state that the service I received was second to none, the best one could expect. I was referred to Sang Kim's clinic by my dentist with the comments that he was a really nice person and an excellent craftsman. My experience now confirms that statement true. I had a recent operation that resulted in a small piece of my upper right jaw bone being removed which apparently made the fitting of a new bridge somewhat tricky. Despite this Sang completed the job with great care and I my opinion (the only one that counts) the fit was perfect. With a comparison I now know that my previous bridge did not fit well.

The process started with Sang explaining to me in detail what was involved in the fitting and making of the bridges (top and bottom) I required.

He also explained the cost and the payment schedule, inquiring about coverage of a dental plan.

He examined my mouth in preparation of making the moulds for my bridges. Checking the moulds in detail this process, the first visit was over.

I was impressed with the attention to detail Sang took and with the next visits this proved to result in a set of perfectly fitting bridges.

Sang was always pleasant and professional at all times and it became apparent he took great pride in doing the job well and meeting my expectations.

When it came time to fit the new bridges he again demonstrated his practice of paying attention to detail. When I thought the fit was perfect he still made small adjustments that did make the fit perfect.

The whole process was professional and pleasant and I could not have asked for a better experience.

Thank you Sang."

Brant French

Review #3

"After my "free consultation" with Sang, I really felt confident that he would do a good job and I was absolutely right. Of the 7 denturists I had had in the last 25 years, Sang is the best of all - both for his competence and his kindness. It's usually a nightmare for me when it's time to change my dentures because I hate showing myself without my teeth and I am always afraid my new teeth will not look good. Sang was very patient and he made me feel comfortable. And my new teeth look so good !
Thank you so much Sang!"

Mary Parks

Review #4

"Sang, it's Loyd Mansell calling here. I am just calling to let you know the work you did on my new set of dentures here are working beautifully and I really appreciate it. I just wanted to take the time to let you know you did a good job and I really appreciate it. Not necessary to phone me back but I was just thinking about you. I am just eating some popcorn right now as a matter of fact and I thought ‘god dam I can eat it with no trouble I gotta give Sang a phone call and give him credit’. You made my day buddy. Thanks ever so much."

Loyd Mansell

Review #5

"I was covering for our receptionist when I discover Platinum Denture Clinic. There was a flyer lying on our reception area and when I took a look, it really got my attention on the transformation of how these people looked. The before and after pictures were really amazing.

Since it was a free consultation, my thinking was, I have nothing to lose. I phoned Sang and made an appointment and I told him that the partial denture I am currently wearing is no good and I needed a change. I explained to him what I would like to achieve with the new partial denture. He explained everything to me, in detail and on the spot we started the paperwork. To make story short I am very impressed of what he did, it looks very natural no one noticed that I am wearing a partial denture. As soon as I was done I phoned my friend, she and her husband are now Sang’s patients.

And my dentist for 20 years is also impressed."

Chato Paulino

Review #6

"I really appreciate the great work Sang has done for me all these years and for his patience and kindness. Thank you Sang."

Candid Leung

Review #7

"My name is Dr. Harold Laimon. I am a retired general surgeon and have lived in Vancouver over 50 years. Recently I required replacement of a partial lower denture with a full lower denture. I was referred to Sang for preextraction impressions and following the extractions I had a lower denture available immediately. My relationship with Sang has been very satisfactory. I have found him to be confident, caring, and kind. I have no hesitation in recommending Sang with a triple A reading. He is able, available, and affable and I had a great relationship with him and this will carry on for some time to come."

Dr. Harold Laimon

Review #8

"I was referred to the Platinum Denture Clinic and Sang Kim, principal there, by my local dentist to have a complete upper plate made and installed. The process took a few months and involved several visits as the plate was made and fitted to my mouth. I found him to be very professional, polite and caring throughout this whole process. I would recommend him to anyone looking for denturist work."

Cliff Anton

Review #9

"I recently got a new partial upper denture (almost a full one) from Sang and I am quite happy with it. It looks very natural and fits in with the rest of my teeth. It is comfortable and easy to eat with.
Sang was very nice to work with. He took a lot of care in the fitting and preparation of the denture. His office is clean and modern and in a very good location on Broadway - close to VGH and the buses.
I would highly recommend Sang to anyone who is in need of a partial or full denture."

Joanne Scalon

Review #10

"When I first came to Sang regarding a new denture and partial, I had many questions and apprehensions. Previously I'd had a denture and partial made elsewhere. I could wear the upper denture comfortably but was never able to wear the lower partial, despite various efforts to adapt it.

Sang put me at ease and took extra care to take into consideration the areas where my previous partial had been especially painful. He designed special adaptations when creating the partial to avoid the problems I'd previously experienced.

When I first put the end products in my mouth, I was totally amazed and relieved at how comfortable both the full upper denture and the lower partial were. After some very minor adjustments to the partial, it was very comfortable to wear. The dentures look and feel great.

I would highly recommend Sang to everyone considering dentures. He will put you at ease and make the whole experience as comfortable as possible.

I am truly grateful to Sang for patiently working through my questions and problems surrounding getting new dentures. He is the best."

Susan Le Page

Review #11

"I refer my patients to Sang because I have every confidence when they are under his care, they will receive the care in terms of treatment and after care service. He goes above and beyond to make meet my patients needs and puts them at ease with his gentlemanly demeanor."

Dr. Grace Chun

Review #12

"My patients have nothing but praises for Sang. His manner and quality of work are truly superb."

Dr. Dylan Lai

Review #13

"Sang was referred to me by a friend, best referral ever. From the first time I stepped into Platinum I was very comfortable, and cared for. His service is excellent, workmanship-superb. He is very meticulous, aftercare-par excellence. I have beautiful teeth now and I smile a lot more thanks to Sang. I have given his name and cards to my friends, and I am happy to do so."

Audrey Spry

Review #14

"I want to tell you I am so pleased with the beautiful job you did on my teeth. When I came to you I was treated so well. One of my problems was worrying how I was going to keep the bottom plate in, you told me the different options, but you also said I might be able to keep them in without any help if the fit is good. Well, I keep them in without any help. I am so happy with my new teeth, and I admire you greatly. When my granddaughter saw my teeth she said Nana they are so beautiful: and my niece at Christmas said the same. Thank you again Sang."

Elain Burns

Review #15

"It was a wonderful experience when I had my dentures made by you. From the moment I stepped in your office, I was put at ease. Everything was splendid-your workmanship and professionalism. I couldn ask for more. Thank you."

Rosemary Harkins

Review #16

"I felt so welcomed and impressed by Sang I just wish I met him earlier. I now have beautiful and workable teeth and always enjoy coming to stop by his office and talking to Sang and always leaving the door with a brighter smile."

Janet Frew

Review #17

"Sang I know its not your birthday but if it was, I send this card to you. All is well with my beautiful teeth, perfect fit & the bonus of chewing on both sides Happy birthday and thanks for your kindness."

Holly Madden

Review #18

"Greetings: Just a Thank-You note to express my appreciation for your excellent services. You are the best denturist. Cheers and I just can't say it enough, Thank You!"

Sylvia Stephens

Review #19

“When I visited your clinic you checked everything in detail. The upper denture is especially great and I am amazed by your skills. I have no pain and after almost 2 year it is still very good. Each visit in your clinic you are very kind and patient. My wife said I am lucky to meet especially someone like you. This is not a compliment but this is the truth.”

Yoshio Suzuki

Review #20

“I am very grateful to my dentist (Dr. Alex Rosenczweig) for setting me up with an appointment at Platinum Denture Clinic. I was scheduled to have a bridge removed and have a full upper denture made to replace the partial and the bridge. It was a great experience to have Sang (denturist) take great care to provide me with a denture that was a perfect fit. I’ve had this denture for the last 11 months without any problems, it fits perfectly and sometimes I forget these are not my own teeth.”

George Kovac

Review #21

“I would like to take a moment to thank Sang from Platinum Denture Clinic for a job well done, on making me a top plate as I got transferred to Vancouver General Hospital for a double lung transplant. When I got called I just had my teeth pulled out. After my transplant I contacted Sang and he built me a top plate, very reasonable and it seemed like no time passed at all before it was ready. Thank you”

Bill Vipond

Review #22

“I became a patient at Platinum Denture Clinic when my dentist retired a number of years ago. It is testament to Sang’s professional manner, his caring concern about my oral comfort and his excellent workmanship that keeps me returning when my dentures require replacement and maintenance.”

Ron Ougden

Review #23

“Until now, I never thought I could bear a denture in my mouth. Then, my dentist referred me to Sang and everything changed to a positive approach and a trust that Sang will and does a tremendous job of giving me back my ability to eat comfortably. Sang is, as always, cheerful, dependable, and above all a master at being a top denturist.”

Dorene Hodgson

Review #24

“Hi Sang, good morning. This is Teresita Bonke. Thank you very much for the work that you have done. My dentures fit perfectly well and on top of that I never feel the pain. I have been to a few denturists in the past that I had to go back several times before the problems were fixed. I will definitely recommend you to friends who are denture wearers. So Sang I am very happy with my dentures. Thank you very much Sang, we will see you again.”

Teresita Bonke

Review #25

“This letter is a testimony and certification on how Sang performed his work and responsibilities as a professional denturist. Right from the first visit to his clinic, I found him to be a very warm, honest and accommodating human being. He treated me as a person with respect and compassion. When touched by his treating hands I felt so relaxed and with no pain at all. His soft tender voice assures his patients how he would try to do best in whatever is needed to fix or make new dentures. I commend Sang for the way he performs his work professionally as a denturist. He is also highly recommended to me by my dentist Dr. Curtis R. Schlappner.”

Respectfully yours,
Eliseo DeJesus

Review #26

“My dentist Ben Balevi suggested and in fact phoned Sang while I was in his office and asked if he had time to see me. He said, not a problem send her down. Sang was, kind, considerate, sensitive and accommodating to my needs. I needed a partial lower plate and when I went back for it, it fit perfectly. Time went by and I needed an adjustment. He adjusted it. He said, any problem call me immediately. Time went by and I now needed a complete upper plate. The results were the same as the lower ones. He also, at that time checked my lower plate. I do not hesitate to recommend this gentleman to anyone who needs dentures. They will also be so pleased by his friendliness, compassion, caring and attention to detail and the well being of his patient. I would certainly recommend him to anyone I know who needs dentures. Anyone who has him for a denturist is a very fortunate person.”

Joyce Warren

Review #27

“It has been my pleasure to know Sang Kim and the Platinum Denture Clinic for the past three years. I have always enjoyed the professional and relaxed atmosphere upon every visit and know that I am in skilled hands when coming to see Sang. He treats people with respect and reassurance and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I would recommend Sang to anyone with a denture situation of any age and wish him continual success at his fine location on West Broadway.”

Best Regards,
Michael Faithfull

Review #28

“I am writing this letter to express our great satisfaction with the service you have provided to my wife, Jennifer, and I these past few years. Your professionalism, patience, and understanding (especially of thirty-party billing issues) last year in the provision of a new denture for my wife made it an easy and comfortable process for her. As for myself, I could not be more satisfied with the quality, reliability, and fit of the denture that was made for me more than 3 years ago. Keep up the good work and thanks.”

Sincerely yours,
Leo Chan

Review #29

“We have been clients of Sang’s for many years. He has taken care of all our denture needs that are summed up as a partial and a full denture for Carroll and two full dentures for Antonis. We found his work impeccable in precision, craftsmanship and esthetics. His dentures are extremely thin in the areas that hold on to the gum so that they do not feel foreign in the mouth, yet with strong teeth that look perfect visually as their color matches the aging of our natural teeth. The exact fitness of Antonis’ dentures were commented on by Antonis’s oral surgeon when he fitted them onto his empty gums. It is also a fact that our dentures fit so well we often forget they aren’t our own teeth, and “bite more than we can chew!”
There is another aspect of Dr. Kim’s relationship with his clients. There is a psychological aspect of moving from natural teeth to dentures. Sang explained the process, consulted with us frequently, showed us beforehand what they would be like and had an exceptional product ready right when we needed it. He is approachable and understanding. We have no hesitation in recommending Sang as an excellent denturist.”

Antonis & Carroll Parras

Review #30

“Denturist, Sang Kim of Platinum Denture, was recommended to me by my dentist, Dr. Ben Balevi, in the fall of 2016. At that time, Sang constructed a lower partial dental plate for me. It was, and continues to be a very good fit. Sometime this year, when I have my upper teeth removed, Sang will be fitting me with a complete upper plate. I have been very pleased with Sang’s dental work for me. He has been an efficient and caring technician and I will continue to use his services and recommend him to other potential patients.”

Greta Wenckebach

Review #31

"I wish to thank you for the services you offered to your patients who were seeking help with their denture problems that could not be taken care of at the regular dental clinics. You are very efficient with your work. I wish you success in the years to come."

Elsa Antilla

Review #32

"I have had complete satisfaction with the treatments given by Sang Kim at the Platinum Denture Clinic. He is an experienced denturist and pays close attention to the needs of his patients. His work for me has been tested by time with great success."

Raymond Dove

Review #33

"I found Sang Kim to be professional with a kind and easy going manner, and he did a great job! I would highly recommend him."

Rose Bob

Review #34

"I am a general dentist in Vancouver(Kitsilano), and have been referring patients to Platinum Denture Clinic for the last number of years. Sang has provided excellent care and quality work for the people I have referred to his clinic. I have no monetary gain by referring my clients to him, but do so because I have my patient's best interests in mind. I am confident of his skills and abilities."

Dr. AlexRosenczweig (Google review)

Review #35

"Sang is excellent I have been very please with his work and his attention to the little details are much appreciated. I would have no problem recommending him for you denture needs"

Mike Larmour (from google review)

Review #36

"Sang will make the perfect fitting dentures for you."

Victoria Imperial (from google review)

Review #37

"Very detailed explanation and very patient. appreciaed"

Herrick Lau (from google review)

Review #38

"I had a broken denture and was desperate to have it fixed on a Friday afternoon, Sang, thru the recommendation of a dental lab, waited for me and helped to repair it.....for free! The dental broke a couple more times (it is a temp denture from my dentist) and each time, Sang was patient and kind enough to help me put it back together, until I decide what I want to do to replace it. I am grateful and impressed by his professionalism and his patient attendance to my problem. Much appreciated Sang!"

Dwight Chan (from google review)

Review #39

"My experience with Sang was pleasant and rewarding. His work was excellent and he made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the denture preparation and fitting process. I highly recommend Sang's denture service."

Myrna Brown (from google review)

Review #40

"Sang was recommended to me by my dentist. With the issues I was having with my teeth, it was suggested I remove the remaining upper teeth and have upper dentures made. I met with Sang hesitant and concerned over the path forward. Sang went over the procedure and what he would be able to provide, he also explained other options I could look at in the future. It is going on three months since my procedure and so far it is going well, they look like my natural teeth! Very impressed with how natural they look. I have had a couple of re-fits as the swelling goes down and Sang has been accommodating to my schedule.(I work out of town) He has also called several times to make sure everything is fine and to let me know to call or come in and see him if I have any issues. It is good to see someone who likes their work and has genuine concern for his patients. I will continue to see Sang for my denture needs as well as recommend him to anyone who may require his service."

Michael Weisgerber (from google review)

Review #41

"Sang Kim has made complete upper dentures for me three times(after I twice lost them). He did an excellent job on each occassion. They are so lightweight that they are easily forgotten about. I am very happy with how they feel and look. He is a very fine person who treats clients well. The process of getting fitted was comfortable and easy. I found the time and thought he took to explain and care for me exceptionally professional."

Emilios Karanakis

Review #42

"Dr. Sang Kim, My experience of dentures by you was most pleasant from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Thank You."

Albert Alexander

Review #43

"Dear Sang Kim, Thank you for your excellent treatment and service in installing and fixing my dentures, both upper and lower. Your service was fast and efficient and has restored my faith in dentures. Thank you for everything. I heartily recommend you."

William Sandland

Review #44

"My experience with Sang Kim was fun and easy in a professional way. He immediately put me at ease and fully explained the procedures he will be doing and how they will be done. He made sure I understood what will be happening and the probable time-lines.

He collaborated with my dentist explaining to him what he required and expected and making sure they were on the same page. I am sure he does this with his other patients as well.

He did not sacrifice "speed" for quality. He takes the time to do it properly no matter how many sittings it may take. He takes pride in his work.

He is also aware of the costs of the dentures. In my case, my wife was retiring and he made sure that the dental costs were covered and paid for under my wife's company dental plan and guaranteed us there would be "no costly surprises"-which there were not.

Professionalism, courtesy, quality and fun would be the best way to summarize my experience with Sang. He is the epitome of what a professional, denturist or otherwise, should be. To use the vernacular, "He makes sure you get the best and biggest bang for your bucks in the nicest, most professional way.""

Michael Subject

Review #45

"Among the several denturists I had met in the last 30 years, Dr. Sang Kim is the best of all to make it fit perfectly so that I can chew my foods well and stay healthy everyday.

As the proverb has it the healthy teeth is one of the five blessings(i.e.longevity/wealth/love of virtue/peaceful death/ and healthy (teeth) for human life, now I have nothing to worry about eatingany kinds of foods-Western, Chinese and Korean BBQ.

Thus I am pleasant to recommend him to any persons who can't make up their mind whether to go or not to a denturist"

Alex Kim (from google review)

Review #46

"Highly recommended for his denture work. Provides a comfortable environment for my dad."

Vincent Pang (from google review)

Review #47

"Sang has looked after me with a careful and gentle manner, for over two years."

David Gibson (from google review)

Review #48

"Very professional, latest methods in a clean modern lab."

Tom Stefanou (from google review)

Review #49

"Denturist Kim is professional and kind to the patient"

Sung Yang (from google review)

Review #50

"I would like to say that Sang is very professional and takes pride in his work. He does excellent work and is also very empathetic especially with people who are getting their dentures done for the first time. He takes the fear out of it and makes it a much more pleasant experience and I really appreciate what he does for his patients. He is wonderful at his job."

Deb Crisp

Review #51

"Super and friendly service. Was recommended by my Dentist and best Denturist I've been to."

Nel Van Der Toorn (from google review)

Review #52

"Platinum Denture Clinic was recommended to me by my dentist. I was very impressed with Sang after my first visit at the Clinic. My second visit Sang had my new partial which fitted perfectly. I’ve had my partial now for a few days and I’m very happy. I have no hesitation recommending Platinum Denture Clinic to my family and friends."

Joe Spiteri (from google review)

Review #53

"I first became aware of Platinum Dentures when my mother found the clinic a couple of years ago. Her lower denture had broken and her old denturist had retired. She went to Sang and adored him for his professionalism, skill, and kindness. The new denture was comfortable to wear and looked very natural.

Two years later, my mother was in hospital for 3 weeks. Sadly she has entered a stage of dementia and lost her lower denture in the hospital. I brought her in to see Sang because, although she no longer remembered the name of the clinic, I recalled how much she liked Sang. We were not disappointed. As others have said, he is patient, gentle and professional. About to turn 86, my mother is now frail and confused and yet Sang manages to keep her content while finding ways to provide her with very comfortable new teeth."

Billie Livingston (from google review)

Review #54

"Sang at Platinum Dental is amazing. He is kind, very informed about his practice, polite and always remembers how important customer experience is. I have no hesitation in recommending him to my family and friends."

Roz Wishinski (from google review)

Review #55

"The Platinum Denture Clinic provides amazing and professional service. I have been telling friends and relatives about how fortunate we are to have Sang as Mom’s Denturist. Sang was referred to us by an acquaintance whose dentures were done at Sang’s denture clinic.

I was impressed at first by the gentleness of Sang’s phone voice. After meeting him in person, he is so much more than a gentle voice. Getting denture was totally out of Mom’s comfort zone, but Mom quickly felt at ease because of Sang’s gentleness and caring attitude. His patience, knowledge, and professionalism also came through during the free consultation and throughout the whole denture procedure. Mom needed only a couple of minor adjustments after the insertion of her full and partial dentures. Prices were exactly as quoted.

Platinum Denture Clinic is very clean and welcoming. Sang always encourages us to make appointment for adjustments whenever needed. Emily, the receptionist is friendly and helpful. Sang is the person to go to if one wished for dentures that fit well, looks good, and functional."

Patty Wong (from google review)

Review #56

"Platinum Denture Clinic is beyond amazing. The level of care I received from Sang alleviated my anxieties about wearing dentures and the final product is impressive. I have received many compliments about my new smile and I highly recommend Sang for any denture needs that you may have."

Ed Ryan (from google review)

Review #57

"Dear Sang,
Since my first visit to your office on Sept.6th -- your kindness and professionalism has been exemplary. I am very satisfied with the excellent work you have done on my new upper denture and lower partial. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs this type of work. You have a great personality and am very pleased that you are my denturist. Thank - you.

Curly Berar

Review #58

"Sang very professionally performs his service, gives a cordial atmosphere, very good responds to patient's request, totally happy with his treatment. I highly recommend Sang's denture service to everybody."
William Mok (from google review)

Review #59

"Sang is an excellent craftsman, and really knows his stuff."
Simon Taylor (from google review)

Review #60

"Sang is a very soft spoken second to none consummate professional in his field. Apart from his also professional spouse his patients are his everything. There are no task too great. His rate are very reasonable. Going to Sang's practice are a place of tremendous peaceful calm and a treat like no others."
Pauline Lee

Review #61

"My parents' had an exceptional experience at Platinum Denture Clinic. They were treated with a great deal of kindness and care and my Dad's smile looks better than ever. Thank you for providing superior care and making a difference when it counted."
Alice Garry (from google review)

Review #62

"Both my mother and I are very pleased with Platinum Denture Clinic and it is a pleasure to have Sang as our denturologist. Eating is an absolute joy because my denture fits perfectly. Sang is quiet and efficient. His work is excellent."
Valerie McMillan

102-805 West Broadway Vancouver BC V5Z 1K1